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Herbal fairness cream manufacturers
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Herbal is "a collection of descriptions of plants put together for medicinal purposes."Expressed more elaborately it is a book containing the names and descriptions of plants, usually with information on their virtues (properties) and in particular their medicinal, tonic, culinary, toxic, hallucinatory, aromatic, or magical powers, and the legends associated with them.

Bel Sweet (बेल स्वीट्)

Bel Sweet ( pack size 500 gm )
* Keeps stomach fit
* Enhances appetite
* Reduces the problems like loose motion, stool with blood, dysentery,   mucus and amoebiasis
* Removes abdominal pain and spasm
* Nutritious, tasty, delicious preparation
* Removes constipation, acidity and gas
* Improves digestion
* Keeps body healthy