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Herbal fairness cream manufacturers
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* Regularise menstrual cycle
*Controls leucorrhoea
*Rejuvenate the body and purify the bood
*Beneficial in pain at the time of menstrual cycle.
500 ML Rs120


* Very useful in heart problems
* Beneficial in palpitation,, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and regulate B.P.
500 ML Rs77


* Strengthen digestive system
* Activates liver and spleen
* Improve the production of red blood cells
* Remove constipation, gas and piles
* Regulates menstrual disorder
* Enhance immunity of the body
* Useful in Asthama, Appetite, Anaemia, Weakness, Epilepsy, Acidity, Painful scanty micturate etc.
* Powerful , Nutritional rasayan (tonic)
500 ML Rs97


* Strengthen Liver and spleen
* Enhance the production of new RBCs
* Remove Anaemia by increasing Blood
* Improve Appetite
* Remove Insomnia, stress and anxiety
* Improve complexion of the body
* Remove general debility
* Improve physical and mental development
500 ML Rs99