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Herbal is "a collection of descriptions of plants put together for medicinal purposes."Expressed more elaborately it is a book containing the names and descriptions of plants, usually with information on their virtues (properties) and in particular their medicinal, tonic, culinary, toxic, hallucinatory, aromatic, or magical powers, and the legends associated with them.

Shankhpuspi Syrup (शंखपुष्पी शीरप)

Shankhpushpi Syrup ( pack size 500 ml )
* Gives strength to nervous system and refreshes mind
* Sharpens memory
* Reduces stress and increase stamina
* Helps to increase concentration and mental alertness
* Very effective for youngsters to bear heavy load of studies
200ML Rs70 500ML Rs135

Swadeshi Chai (स्वदेशी चाय)

Swadeshi Chai (tea ) ( pack size 50 gm and 100 gm )
* Mixture of natural exotic herbs
* Develop brain power
* Control increased level of cholesterol, gives strength to heart
* Helps to cure cough, cold, weakness , gas problems and joint pains
200 GM Rs90

Swadesi Style Herbal Shampoo (स्वदेशी शैम्पू)

Swadeshi Herbal Shampoo (pack size 100 ml )
* Nourishes the hair
* Protects & strengthen the roots of hair
* Makes hair healthy , stronger and long
* Keeps the natural shine of the hair
* Helps in protecting the premature greying of hair

Swadeshi Bath Soap (स्वदेशी साबुन)

Swadeshi Bath Soap ( pack size 75 gm )
* Made from natural herbs
* A natural body freshner
* Protects the skin
* Gives feel of spa and mud therapy

Neem Sahad (नीम शहद)

Neem Shahad ( pack size 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm )
* Improves eye sight
* Blood purifier
* Very useful for diabetic patients
* Improves complexion of body
* Improves personality
* Nutritional tonic
250GM Rs150 500GM Rs250

Shudh Sahad (शुद्ध शहद)

Shudh Shahad ( pack size 250 kg, 500 kg, 1 kg
* Natural nutrition for body
* Protects body from different diseases
* Good energiser
500GMS Rs170 1000GMS Rs320

Kesari Kauff Madhu (केसरी कफ मधु)

Kesri Kaff Madhu ( pack size 100 gm , 250 gm )
* Useful in cold, cough and asthama
* Very effective in dry cough
* Corrects respiratory disorders
* Good expectorant
* Useful in chronic fever and T.B.
* Removes weakness and strengthen the body
100GMS Rs80 250GMS Rs160

Special Chayawanprash (स्पेशल च्यवनप्राश)

Special Chyawanprash ( pack size 500 gm , 1 kg )
* A preparation made from exotic natural herbs and rasayans
* Increases immunity
* Protects from cold,, cough, infections
* Very useful in mental fatigue
* Regular use makes body healthy
* Very useful for growing children
500 ML Rs140 1 KG Rs260

Amla Murabba (ऑवला मुरब्बा)

Amla Murabba ( pack size 1 kg )
* Keeps body young, free from diseases
* Reduces premature greying and falling of hairs
* Good energiser
900 GM Rs150

Kesari Badam Rasayan (केसरी बादाम रसायन)

Kesri Badam Rasayan ( pack size 500 gm )
* Strengthens immunity, cleanses body
* Helpful in digestion
* Moisturises skin
* Increase stamina and vigour
* Mental and physical development of growing children
* Improves memory, boosts intelligence, sharpens mind
500 GM Rs250

Orthocure combo pack (ऑर्थोक्यॉर -x)

Orthocure- X (pack size 100 ml + 20 cap )
* Removes joint pains, backbone pain and swelling
* Relieves in pain by enhancing blood circulation
* Beneficial in all types of vatta vyadhi
* Most effective in rheumatoid arthiritis, shoulder pain, knee pain and   spondylitis
100ML + 20 Cap Rs296

Herbal Face Pack(pack size 100 gms)

*Very effective in skin diseases
*Useful in pimples, dark circles under eyes
100 GM Rs65

Sexobest Oil and Cap ( combo pack )

*Improves sexual stamina
*Increase vitality
15 ML + 20 Cap Rs320

Dr.Teeth Cream Herbal Toothpaste

Dr. Teeth Cream Herbal Toothpaste
* Very effective in bleeding and painful gums, pyorrhoea, loosening of   teeth
* Freshens the breath
* Protects all around teeth to keep them strong and whiter naturally
* Protects against cavity.
2 Pc (100 Gms Each) Rs120

Dashmool Kwath

* Useful in parturition and the puerperium
* Useful in tropical enteropathy
* Effective in loss of appetite and anorexia
* Enhances strength and complexion of women after child birth
* Remove lumbar pain and weakness
500ML Rs88


* Useful in parturition and the puerperium
* Useful in tropical enteropathy
* Effective in loss of appetite and anorexia
* Enhances strength and complexion of women after child birth
* Remove lumbar pain and weakness
500ML Rs86

Maharasnadi Kwath

* Very effective in Anti inflammatory, spondylosis and Anti-rheumatic
* Very effective in Pacify acute vata conditions of joints
* Controls degeneration
500ML Rs88

Mahamanjishthadi Kwath

* An excellent blood purifier
* Increases the beauty of the body
* Remove skin diseases like abscess, itching etc.
500 ML Rs88

Punarnavadi Kwath

* Regulates the circulation of blood in the body
* Corrects the inflammation of the body
* Prevent uncontrolled enhance the liver and spleen
* Useful in urinary disorders.
2*500ML Rs136

Juice (रस)

Sharbat (शरबत)

Vati (वटी)

Churna (चूर्ण)

Oil (तेल)

Others (अन्य)

Syrups ( सिरप)