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Herbal fairness cream manufacturers
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Orthocure-x Oil (ऑर्थोक्यॉर -x तेल )

Orthocure- X Oil ( pack size 100 ml and combo pack with capsule )
* Removes joint pains, backbone pain and swelling
* Relieves in pain by enhancing blood circulation
* Beneficial in all types of vatta vyadhi.
* Most effective in rheumatoid arthiritis, shoulder pain, knee pain and   spondylitis
100ML Rs160

Kasturi Oil (कस्तूरी तेल)

Kasturi Oil ( pack size 100 ml )
* Excellent medicine for vatta disorders
* Effective in facial palsy and paralysis
* Beneficial in muscle degeneration
* Removes joint pain
* Corrects bodyache, headache and fatigue
* Increases strength , stamina, vigor and vitality
* Generates energy and strength to nerves
100ML Rs140

Mahanarayan Oil (महानरायन तेल)

Mahanarayan Oil ( pack size 100 ml )
* Beneficial in chronic backache
* Useful in gout, paralysis, spondylitis, sprain
* Give relief in body-ache, headache, joint pains
100 ML Rs140