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Herbal fairness cream manufacturers
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Oil (तेल)

We have speacilization in wide range of oil's and it's usage's for Body Massage, Joint Pain's, Skin Disease, Sinusitis, Blemishes, Dark Circles, Hair Fall, Dandruff Etc.

We Have Maha Narayan Oil, Kumkumadi Oil, Neem Oil, Anu Oil, Ashwagandha Oil, Maha Mash Oil, Shatavari Oil, Bawchi Oil.

Orthocure-x Oil (ऑर्थोक्यॉर -x तेल )

Orthocure- X Oil ( pack size 100 ml and combo pack with capsule )
* Removes joint pains, backbone pain and swelling
* Relieves in pain by enhancing blood circulation
* Beneficial in all types of vatta vyadhi.
* Most effective in rheumatoid arthiritis, shoulder pain, knee pain and   spondylitis
100ML Rs160

Kasturi Oil (कस्तूरी तेल)

Kasturi Oil ( pack size 100 ml )
* Excellent medicine for vatta disorders
* Effective in facial palsy and paralysis
* Beneficial in muscle degeneration
* Removes joint pain
* Corrects bodyache, headache and fatigue
* Increases strength , stamina, vigor and vitality
* Generates energy and strength to nerves
100ML Rs140

Mahanarayan Oil (महानरायन तेल)

Mahanarayan Oil ( pack size 100 ml )
* Beneficial in chronic backache
* Useful in gout, paralysis, spondylitis, sprain
* Give relief in body-ache, headache, joint pains
100 ML Rs140

Juice (रस)

Sharbat (शरबत)

Vati (वटी)

Churna (चूर्ण)

Oil (तेल)

Others (अन्य)

Syrups ( सिरप)