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Giloy Ras (गिलोय रस)

* Pack size 500 ml. br>* Activate liver and kidney
* Maintains equilibrium of tridoshas (Bile, Air, Phelgm) , Rasayana
* Very effective in rheumatism and arthritis
* Useful in all kind of flu and fever
* Very effective in acidity and appetite

Neem Giloy Ras (नीम गिलोय रस)

It is useful all kind flu (fever). Controls itching,eczema & fungal infection.
* Pack size 500 ml.
* It is useful in all kind of flu and fever
* Improves digestive system and increase hunger
* Blood purifier
* Cure skin diseases
* Controls itching, eczema and fungal infection
* Improves physical & mental health and develops immunity

500 ML Rs190

Amla Aloevera Ras (ऑवला एलोयवियरा रस)

Correct Digestion and keeps stomach healthy and activates Liver
* pack size 500 ml
* Corrects digestion and keeps stomach healthy
* Very effective in diabetic patients
* Activates Liver
* Controls blood pressure
* Acts as a boon for all stomach disorders
* Useful in female's menstrual problems
* An excellent blood purifier and increases the beauty of the body
* Protects heart
* Specially useful in skin diseases
* Improves the eye sight

500ML Rs220

Lauki Ras (लौकी रस)

Provides Strength to heart and regularized the activity.
* Pack size 500 ml and 1000ml
* Provides strength to heart and regularised the activity
* Controls the cholesterol level
* Corrects digestive system
* Activates the liver functioning
* Provides minerals during diarrhea and dysentery condition

500 ML Rs95 1000 ML Rs150

Shudh Amla Ras (शुद्घ ऑवला रस)

Checks the bad effects of ageing factors.

  •  Pack size 500 ml and 1000ml.
  •  Very effective in diabetic patients.
  •  Enhances the physical and mental development.
  •  Checks the unwanted greying & falling of hair.
  •  Controls the blood pressure.
  •  Improves the eye sight.
  •  Makes the body slim & smart. Gives the extra energy in pre and post delivery periods. (Specially in lactation period).
  •  It increases the hemeoglobin.
500 ML Rs90 1000ML Rs160

Shudh Triphla Ras (शुद्घ त्रिफला रस)

Controls the harmful effects of Diabetes.
Pack size 500 ml and 1000ml
Corrects digestion.
Controls blood pressure.
Improves the eye sight.
Controls unwanted greying and falling of hair.
Makes the body slim & smart.
Increases the haemoglobin percentage in the blood.
Purifies blood and makes body healthy.
Food supplement before and after delivery (during breast feeding also)
Packing 500ml 1000ml

500 ML Rs140 1000ML Rs230

Adrak ras (अदरक रस)

Very useful in cough,cold,thinitis,indigestion,gas & belching.
* Pack size 100 ml and 200ml
* Very good digestive, appetiser & blood purifier
* Very useful in indigestion, loss of appetite, beltching, abdominal gas & pain
* Relieves cough, cold,asthama,rhinitis, chronic fever & strengthen the body
* Very effective in joint pains, swelling & rheumatoid arthiritis Stimulates & strengthen cardic muscles & nervous system
* Controls kaphaj & vataj disorders
* ADRAK RAS 100 ml pack cost of 55 rs

100ML Rs60 200ML Rs110

Aloevera juice (एलॉयवियरा रस)

Very usefull in thalassemia,Digestion, liver.
* Pack size 500 ml and 1000ml
* Corrects digestion and keeps stomach healthy
* Activates liver
* Protects heart
* Cures arthiritis and joint swelling
* Wonderful for sugar/diabetic patients
* Heals operative and burn wounds fastly
* Regulates menstrual periods
* Very effective in thalassemia
* Very effective in post menopausal (stoppage of M.C.) and other female problems

500ML Rs320 1000ML Rs600

Kesari Amla Ras (केसरी ऑवला रस)

Compelete health improving vitality tonic(rasayan-rejuventor)
* Pack size 500 ml and 1000ml
* Control ageing effects, keeps young, clear the complexion of face & body
* Improves immunity
* Source of extra energy, makes you smarter
* Improves the internal power of the body
* Controls blood pressure
* Improves the production of RBCs
* Controls anaemia

500ML Rs110 1000ML Rs220

Karela Ras (करेला रस)

Effective in diabetes,gas,indigestion,abdominal, worms& purifies blood
* Pack size 500 ml
* Enhances secretion of INSULIN in blood by stimulating pancreas which control blood sugar in diabetic patient
* Remove blood related diseases by purification
* Remove anorexia, loss of appetite, constipation , piles and liver disorders, very good appetiser, digestive
* Corrects menstrual disorder and lactation disorder
* Useful in obesity, poisoning and fever
* Improve functional activity of stomach and liver
* Remove infection of skin and wounds & stimulate wound healing

500 ML Rs190

Karela-Jamun Ras (करेला जामुन रस)

Effective in blood & urine Sugar level, Diabetes and ringworm
500ML Rs185

Arjun Aloevera(pack size 500ml)

*Promotes Digestion
*Maintain human immune system
*Cures Eczema,Diabetes, Arthitisand and Prevent infections
*Very useful in heart disease
*Controls cholesterol
*Strengthens muscles of the heart and removes cardiac weakness
500ML Rs160

Jamun Sirka

*Very useful in abdominal disorders
*Strengthens the digestive system
*Corrects diarrhoea, abdominal pain and other digestive system troubles
*Effective in prameha also

Hemograss Ras(pack size 500ml)

* To improve immune system to activate white blood cells of the body
* Beneficial for loses weight of whole body
* Liver tonic
* Improve digestive system
* Increase the haemoglobin
* Purify the blood
* To increase energy of the body
500 ML Rs228

Ayushman Yog

* Strengthen muscles of the heart and remove cardiac weakness
* Very effective in heart diseases
* Maintains equilibrium of tridoshas (Vaat, Pitta, Kapha) ,Rasayan
* Controls the blood pressure
* An excellent blood purifier and increases the immunity of the body
500 ML Rs175

Aloevera jamun ras

Aloevera, Jamun
500ML Rs180

Aloevera juice with fiber

Karela, Aloevera
500ML Rs120 1000ML Rs220

Karela aloevera ras

Karela, Aloevera
500 ML Rs170

Kesri triphala ras

Kesar/ Javitri, Harad, Baheda, Amla, Lauh Bhasma
500 ML Rs150

Triphala aloevera ras

Harad, Baheda, Amla, Aloevera
500 ML Rs180

triphala jamun ras

Jamun, Harad, Amla, Baheda
500 ML Rs160

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