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'Ayurveda is a nectar' everyone accepted this truth but where this faith is exploited by some commercial & selfish people by the name of ayurvedic development for their own benefit. Seeing such poor condition of ayurvedic manufacturing Swami Munishwaranandji planted Swadeshi Ayurved pharmacy at Haridwar 51 years ago, by his able guidance & spiritual grace we continuously progress,after getting the background of traditional secrets from Swamiji & Rishiparampara. I got the formal education of ayurveda and by synergistically implementing the traditional and practical knowledge through modern techniques for better ayurvedic medicine and herbal health care product since 1995. Now that small plant become very big tree (kalp vriksha). Our unit now glorious well equipped with all modern facilities & GMP suitable machines with scientific instruments. We believe in vedas & traditional research that's why we emphasized on totally reserch based medicine through rigorous research & development & quality control.
We believe in purity, quality, efficacy of the medicine & product safety is our primary concern with professional approach. We are doing hard work for development & re-establishment of the traditional supreme image of Ayurveda in India & abroad.
We always dreamed about golden future through out globe.
We are trying to do the best & serve for the welfare of mankind & humanity. We developed our product according to present demand, need and interest of people of different age group so that today Swadeshi brand is specially known for purity, quality & innovation with traditional dedication. lt is the only secret of our popularity & accetance. We have introduced some selected products in the domestic market and shortly they become very popular everyone body accept us by heart. We also pay our deep regards and thanks to all - Acharyas / Vaidya / Doctors / Customers for their valuable suggestion. We need help & moral support of all of you related to any branch of Ayurveda & We expect your co-operation & warm acceptance in future also.
Dr. Vinod Arya
Swadeshi Ayurvedic Pharmacy
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