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Ayurvedic Products Medicines, Triphala Ras

Ayurveda is a God Gift to sympathy to get rid from sufferings thru nature. Nature is a treasurer of herbs to cure so many diseases and remain healthy and young forever provided one is aware about those herbs. We, Swadeshi Ayurved, based at Haridwar, India, are blessed with the spiritual powers of Swami Munishwaranand Ji and is in the service of society since 1972 to make available those exotic herbs formulations. Swadeshi Ayurved is a name of purity and quality of Ayurvedic products. Swadeshi Ayurved is one of the prominent manufacturing companies which provide various Ayurvedic products such as Ortho Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic products medicines, Amla Ras, Heart strength, Ageing effects and Skin problems, Triphala Ras Supplier, Ayurvedic Medicines Manufacturer in India, Ageing effects and Skin problems, Medicine for Diabetes in India, Constipation Remedy, Health tips, Diabetic Medicine in India, Orthocure, Aloevera Ras, and Sugar Nashak Vati etc. We have wider range of Ayurvedic formulations to take care for Eyes, Hair, Ageing effects and Skin problems, Stomach problems, Diabetes, Heart problems, BP and so many other problems.

Juice (रस)

Sharbat (शरबत)

Vati (वटी)

Churna (चूर्ण)

Oil (तेल)

Others (अन्य)

Syrups ( सिरप)










Shudh Amla Ras

Shudh Triphla Ras

Swarnprabha Vati

Vatantak Vati

Giloy Vati

Kabjgull Vati

Shilajeet Vati

Sitopaladi Churn

Satavari Churn

Panchasakar Churn

Karela Jamun Churn

Suprabhatam Churn

Triphla Churn

Tulsi Churn

Lahsun churn

Brahmi Churn

Jamun Churn

Hingwastak Churn

Amla churn

Bel Churn

Ashwagandha Churn

Arjun Churn

Lavan Bhaskar Churn

Karela churn

Neem Churn

Orthocure-x Oil

Kasturi Oil

Mahanarayan Oil

Amla Sharbat

Gulab Sharbat

Brahmi Sharbat

Santra Sharbat

Bel Sharbat

Amla Pachak

Adrak ras

Aloevera juice

Kesari Amla Ras

Karela Ras

Karela-Jamun Ras

Amla Aloevera Ras

Kesari Triphla Ras

Lauki Ras

Neem Giloy Ras

Sugarnasak Vati

Amla Murabba

Shankhpuspi Syrup

Swadeshi Chai

Swadesi Style Herbal Shampoo

Swadeshi Bath Soap

Neem Sahad

Shudh Sahad

Kesari Kauff Madhu

Special Chayawanprash

Giloy Ras

Kesari Badam Rasayan


Aarogya Rasayan

Amla Sweet

Amla Chatpata

Bel Sweet

Papaya Sweet

Dr.Teeth Cream Herbal Toothpaste