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Swadeshi Ayurvedic Pharmacy situated at Haridwar with the aim & objective to re-establish ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic Science by using modern scientific technique with high class rigorous R & D and Quality Control in the noble way of Industrial management under the spiritual guidance of Swami Munishwaranandji & his R&D and technical team for producing premium quality, highly efficacious
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Ayurveda is a nectar everyone accepted this truth but where this faith is exploited by some commercial & selfish people by the name of ayurvedic development for their own benefit.
Seeing such poor condition of ayurvedic manufacturing Swami   Munishwaranandji  planted  Swadeshi   Ayurved Pharmacy at Haridwar 51 years ago, by his able  spiritual guidance grace we continuously progress, after getting the background of traditional secrets from Swamiji & Rishiparam.I got the formal education of ayurveda and by synergistically implementing the traditional and practical knowledge through modern techniques for better ayurvedic medicine and herbal health care product since 1995. 
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